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Project Description
Scrum Dashboard is a web front-end for Scrum for Team System from EMC2 (formerly known as Conchango). The main goal of this project is to simplify daily work with Scrum artifacts in Team Foundation Server and complements Scrum Masters Workbench.

  • Ajax-based web interface with support for Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • All features are sprint-centric for daily work in a sprint
  • Create, add and update product backlogs
  • Create and update sprint backlog items (task, impediment, bug)
  • Drag and drop of sprint backlog items between states
  • Inline editing of work remaining as you go
  • Import bugs for maintenance tasks (even from another project in TFS)
  • Statistics and sprint burndown chart easily visible for the team
  • Automatically displays new projects, sprints and teams from TFS without configuration

Scrum Dashboard v3 for TFS 2010

Scrum Dashboard v2 for TFS 2008

Scrum Dashboard is developed by Per Bjurström, read my blog at EPiServer World or follow me on twitter.

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