Q: Team working on multiple projects + other requests.

Nov 24, 2008 at 4:22 PM
Edited Nov 24, 2008 at 4:24 PM
Your dashboard is absolutely brilliant, yes.

However, my team works on several small projects at the same time.

So, I would like to be able to plan on product backlog items coming from different product backlog lists, and see them together in the dashboard, so I can create my sprint backlog lists from several projects.

Naturally, each backing TFS project will contain its own subset of sprint backlog items on its respective sprint backlog list -- that is, depending on the product the TFS project represents.

To abound on this idea, it would be like having a centralized view of several projects at the same time, whose sprints are synchronized.

In few words, I would like to have a view on the dashboard where I could select more than one project from your drop-down list of projects.

I should also be able to save that view by giving it a name.

Is this doable in the short term?

Thanks a lot in advance,


PS: I would also like to have filters on the dashboard by some attributes of the projects, such as "Area path".
Nov 25, 2008 at 12:39 PM
Is this from a management perspective or do you actually have teams working on product backlogs that span multiple projects in a single sprint ? If you have you won't get any good support from the Scrum templates from Conchango, and I don't see an implementation for this in Scrum Dashboard in the near future.

Since we at EPiServer quickly realized that a single team will work with multiple projects in TFS we actually only have a single Scrum project where we do all planning but no coding. Then every TFS-project only contains the typ Bug, source code, builds etc but no Scrum stuff.

Nov 25, 2008 at 4:01 PM
We do have different product backlog lists which are being "attacked" in parallel, sprint after sprint, by the same small team of developers.

The solution you're proposing is more or less what we're doing. We created a common TSF Scrum project, and we use the "Area Path" attribute to filter the backlog lists per product. There's no code there.

However, I still wonder... if we also had a TFS Scrum project per product for coding, how could you have the respective backlog lists shared to our common TFS Scrum project in order to use the dashboard for sprint planning? I still wish having in a single view all the PBI's available from all the products the team works on, as that's great for sprint planning. Are you currently doing this? If yes, how is it done?

Well, now this is important: Any chance of at least adding the "Area Path" and other custom tags to the dashboard in order to filter? That feature won't be very hard to write, I think.

Ok, I know "evil is in the details", yes, but if people use custom attributes to add extra tags to their projects, it might be a good feature having custom filters in the dashboard. It is worth the effort, in my opinion. What do you think?

-- BTW, we could even modify the source code here "in house", if you think this feature is pertinent to the whole community. But we don't want to do it if it is not added to the "product backlog list" of the dashboard itself, as we still want to use the new versions you release without having to merge our local changes with yours.

Thanks again,

Nov 28, 2008 at 10:06 AM
We haven't tried that approach at all, sorry.

Regarding filtering, look at the pbi "Display ordered PBIs" which also incorporates filtering (look at comments). If you wan't to help, do a mockup in some paint program on how you would like to see this feature and attach it with some comments. I really need some help on that feature, not exactly programming right now but more thinking about how to get filtering and sorting in the user interface in a logical way. From there we can take it to the next step and decied who does what and when.