Description of settings in web.config

This is the URL used to connect to the TFS web services
This is the URL used to link to the TFS web access (absolute path)
This is the URL used to link to the TFS web access (relative path from Scrum Dashboard)
This is the URL used to render and link the Sprint Burndown report
A setting of Microsoft Team Explorer to make sure we don't get per user caching on the server
tfsViewBugsAsProductBacklogs (available from Scrum Dashboard v2.3)
If bugs should be included in the Product Backlog which is the default behaviour of the Conchango templates (see next chapter for details).
tfsKeepAlive (available from Scrum Dashboard v2.3)
If a keep alive call to TFSWA should be triggered every 20 minutes. If disabled you may experience session timeouts when opening a work item.
tfsMoveDoneToBottom (available from Scrum Dashboard v2.4)
Product Backlog Items with status "Done" are moved to the bottom, this is the default behvaiour.
tfsReportImageID (available from Scrum Dashboard v2.4)
The burndown chart is displayed by rendering one of the images on the existing Burndown Report, see Special Instructions for SQL 20008.
tfsUserInitials (available from Scrum Dashboard v2.5)
Configures how initials for the user should be displayed on the dashboard, the default is just the first character from every part of the full display name. Set to "AccountName" if you want to use the login name instead.

   <add key="tfsServer" value="http://servername:8080"/>
   <add key="tfsWebAccess" value="http://servername:8090/"/>
   <add key="tfsWebAccessRelative" value="/"/>
   <add key="tfsReportServer" value="http://servername/reportserver"/>
   <add key="tfsViewBugsAsProductBacklogs" value="true"/>
   <add key="tfsKeepAlive" value="true"/>
   <add key="tfsMoveDoneToBottom" value="true"/>
   <add key="tfsReportImageID" value="C_12_S"/>
   <add key="tfsUserInitials" value=""/>
   <add key="WorkItemTrackingCacheRoot" value="C:\ScrumDashboardTemp" />

Disable Bugs as Product Backlogs

The default behaviour for Scrum for Team System version 2 is to handle bugs as items on the Product Backlog, if you like us rather wish to import Bugs as tasks you should change the tfsViewBugsAsProductBacklogs setting in Scrum Dashboard (see above).

Also, for "Work remaining" on Product Backlogs to be calculated correctly you must disable the calculation for type Bug:
  1. Open c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ScrumForTeamSystem\web.config
  2. Find the following line and delete the bold section below:
<!-- The target work item types to update with the calculated value-->
<setting name="TargetWorkItemTypeNames" serializeAs="Xml">
<ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<string>Product Backlog Item</string>

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