Step by step

Note! Replace any references to localhost with the name of your server.
  1. Unzip the downloaded package to c:\inetpub\ so you get a ScrumDashboard folder (the subfolder Web will be the web root)
  2. Create a new application pool ScrumDashboard with default settings in IIS Manager (it does not require a domain account because the currently logged in user will be impersonated)
  3. Create a new virtual directory ScrumDashboard in the Team System Web Access site in IIS and select the Web subfolder in the scrum dashboard folder (the reason to create the virtual directory in the same web site as the web access is to be able to open dialogs using javascript events without cross domain problems)
  4. Right-click on the created virtual directory and select Properties, then change the application pool to the previously created application pool ScrumDashboard. You may also need to add "default.aspx" under the Documents tab.
  5. Create a temporary directory C:\ScrumDashboardTemp and make sure IIS WPG have write access on this folder (this folder is used by Microsoft Team Explorer caching, you may put it anywhere but you must change the path in web.config if you do so)
  6. Run the DB.sql script found in the installation package on the TFS back-end database to create a new database ScrumDashboard (this database is currently only used for the RSS feed and team members, all other Scrum data is stored in TFS)
  7. Create a database user and assign full access(dbo) rights to the ScrumDashboard database
  8. Edit c:\inetpub\ScrumDashboard\web.config and set correct URL's for Team Foundation Server resources under the appSettings-section.
  9. Edit c:\inetpub\ScrumDashboard\web.config and set the connection string to the newly created database ScrumDashboard
  10. Register a new event in TFS using bissubscribe.exe (found in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\TF Setup). This step is required both for the RSS feed and for expiring cached data. bissubscribe /eventType WorkItemChangedEvent /address http://localhost :8090/scrumdashboard/notification/WorkItemChanged.asmx /server http://localhost:8080
  11. Go to http://localhost:8090/scrumdashboard, your site should be up and running by now. Try clicking on the RSS feed link in your browser to make the sure the database has been configured correctly.

Special Instructions for SQL 20008

The burndown chart is displayed by rendering one of the images on the existing Burndown Report, the ID of this image changes per installation (as of SQL Server 2008). You determine this ID by clicking on unavailable report on Scrum Dashboard, it should render the complete report in a popup window. Then right-click on the image displaying the chart and find the rs:ImageID querystring, you need to set that value in web.config. Requires Scrum Dashboard 2.4.

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AlexGausman Nov 29, 2010 at 8:55 PM 
The querystring for SQL 2008 is actually "StreamID"

unruliness Feb 4, 2010 at 3:44 AM 
i have some problem on install
i got a exception TF50309 when i go to http://localhost:8090/scrumdashboard

bookbinder Jul 18, 2009 at 6:15 PM 
I can get everything work other then the Report Graph. How can I get this working?