Scrum Dashboard v2

Installation and upgrade

Please refer to these documents:
Installation instructions
Upgrade instructions
Configuration settings

Architectural notes

Scrum Dashboard is a ASP.NET application developed using Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. Technologies used are ASP.NET Ajax, Ajax Toolkit, Ajax web services for callbacks, Entity Framework and SQL Server as backend. All Scrum data is stored in Team Foundation Server 2008 using the Scrum for Team System version 2 templates and accessed using the TFS web service API. A supporting database is used to store history for the RSS feed, but the goal is to never store anything critical in this database. For better performance a per-project cache is used which is automatically flushed whenever a change is made to that project in TFS. Scrum Dashboard should be able to connect to any project using the official Scrum for Team System version 2 templates without any modification to TFS. All changes to TFS are made by impersonating the currently logged in user to make sure security and other restrictions defined in TFS applies.

Open-source libraries

This project is using jQuery under the MIT license and MSBuild Community Tasks under the BSD License.

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